tsrc - managing groups of git repositories

What it is

tsrc is a command-line tool that helps you manage groups of git repositories.

We use it at tanker.io because:

  • We have a small, versatile team of developers
  • We use several programming languages
  • We need a single source of truth for the list of repositories we want to work on: their URL, branch and locations should be the same across all the team
  • None on the many existing solutions did fully match our needs (see the FAQ for more details)

In addition, tsrc has some support for interaction with GitLab and makes handling merge requests from the command line possible.

Installing tsrc

tsrc is compatible with Python 3.5 or higher.

It is available on pypi and can be installed with pip:


$ pip3 install tsrc --user
# Make sure ~/.local/bin is in your PATH


$ pip3 install tsrc --user
# Make sure ~/Library/Python/3.x/bin is in your PATH


Install latest Python3 from python.org/downloads, open cmd.exe and run:

$ pip3 install tsrc

Next steps

If tsrc is installed properly (check by running tsrc version), feel free to proceed to basic usage.